Ledro Mountain Chalets

Ledro Mountain Chalets

The luxury of nature on holiday

You can experience the accommodations of your dreams in Valle di Ledro, in Trentino. Exclusive Chalets let you breathe the typical atmosphere of the mountain huts, where nature is an integral part of your entire holiday. The interiors show great attention to detail and each piece of furniture tells a captivating story. The fireplace offers a warm and romantic note to the environment, while the large window in the living area provides a view of the magnificent panorama from the terrace.

Here, nature manifests itself in all its magnificence.

27.11 - 23.12.2022 & 08.01 - 19.01.2023 A little longer 50% discount starting from the third night
13.02. - 19.02.2023 “I'll take you to a special place” 2 nights from € 610 for 2 persons in the Superior Chalet

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