Lake Ledro and our hotel with half board

Endless goodness

Don't feel like going to a restaurant for dinner? We have the solution! With the dishes of our "ready to cook" service, your holiday lights up with culinary magic. You can choose from first courses, second courses with side dishes and exquisite desserts. All you need to do is give the final touch that will make mealtime in your chalet a moment of joyful conviviality.

Curious to know more?
Here is a brief explanatory handbook
What is the ready to cook service and how does it work?

It is a delivery service of semi-ready meals, all you need to do is complete the cooking.

Is there a time limit within which orders can be placed?

Yes. Orders must be placed before 12:00 noon. The delivery of the dishes will take place by 7:00 pm directly to your chalet.

Once the order is received, what should I do?

Simply complete the cooking according to the preparation methods that are provided with the dishes ordered.

Are there alternatives to ready-to-cook for dinner?

In the immediate vicinity of the Ledro Mountain Chalets there are several restaurants and pizzerias that can be easily reached on foot, by bike or by car.

We will let you in on a little secret…

Ledro cuisine has Bohemian influences. This is evident from the presence of gnocchi, bramborak (potato pancakes) and livanze (sweet pancakes) in the local gastronomic tradition. This culinary peculiarity has a precise historical reason: in 1915, the inhabitants of Valle di Ledro were forced to emigrate to the Czech Republic for four years, where they captured the "secrets" of the tasty local specialities.